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RE: 5 gallon paint pails


Check Recyclers World on the web at	http://www.recycle.net/  .  In
Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) has a web site and
handbook about recycling and buying recycled.  PRC may have some links to
other helpful sites at   http://www.prc.org/  .

Will your business be using more paint?  IF so, perhaps totes may be an
option.  some totes can be reused.  Check with your supplier.  Check web
sites for environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) sites.

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Subject: 5 gallon paint pails

Does anyone know if 5 gallon plastic paint pails can be recycled??
According to the local recycling facility, they cannot be recycled due to
the coating of paint on the plastic.  The supplier will not reclaim them
either.  There must be an alternative to the landfill!  Any information on
how these pails can be recycled, reused, etc. would be

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