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Re: Who counts incineration as recycling?

Title: Who counts incineration as recycling?
I do not have current data.  However, a note that the issue is not as simple as it may seem.  At one time EPA suggested that incineration of high fuel value wastes -- those that would provide net energy sufficient to be fuel for incinerating other wastes -- could be considered as a reuse of the high fuel value material, since that would offset the use of clean fuel for the incinerator.  This is similar to allowing a cement kiln to count the use of high fuel value waste as fuel and therefore as recycling.  In addition, cement kilns MAY be in a position to count some of the metals and salts as recycling if it displaces other metals and salts necessary to make good cement, such as Al, Fe and Cl.
In the case of cement kilns, I have problems with the metals and chlorine counting as waste reduction, but not the fuel value materials, since otherwise the kiln would burn more coal or natural gas.
I have some problems with anything that goes into an incinerator being considered waste reduction!!!  However, at one time, EPA called anything that reduced land disposal "waste minimization".  After that term became politicized, "reduction" was substituted for minimization, but the basics of the program are the same.
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Does anyone have any information on which States or whoever count incineration
as recycling or recovery when calculating their recycling rate?  Also  do you
know how they calculate it?  ( as reuse of ash or as energy recovery or


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