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re:emissions from heat treatment of steel

>Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 14:55:16 -0400 (EDT)
>From:	janet clark <clarkjan@turi.org>
>To:	clarkjan@turi.org
>Subject: FWD: Re: TURPA:emissions from heat treatment of steel
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>From: "Tuttle, Tim" <TTuttle@CMCSCR.ORG>
>Subject: emissions from heat treatment of steel
>We heat-treat steel parts by quenching the red-hot parts in a tank of oil.
>This creates a lot of smoke, which we collect with a fiberglass filter.  The
>state environmental department is reviewing our application for a Synthetic
>Minor (Title V) permit.  We have been asked to provide emission data from
>this operation, both before and after the filter.
>I haven't had any luck finding anything we can use in AP-42.  Does anyone
>have any suggestions of how we can estimate the emissions from this process,
>short of stack testing?
>Thanks for any help.
>Tim Tuttle
>Chief Engineer
>Scranton Army Ammunition Plant
>Scranton, PA
>e-mail: tuttlet@ioc.army.mil
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>I assume your losses are from "dragout" as well as what is vaporized on
>introduction of the hot part.  Is it possible for you to do a "sampling" of
>your dragout loss?  For example, if you were able to  start with a known
>volume of oil in your tank and measure your dragout loss (over a fixed
>period of time), your vapor loss would be the difference between what you
>add for make-up and dragout loss. I think that if you were able to do this a
>few times to determine an average loss, you could apply the data to estimate
>your vapor loss.
>I hope that I haven't insulted your intelligence with this!
>Another alternative might be to establish the evaporation rate of the oil
>you use.  This can be done from the vapor pressure or actually measuring the
>amount evaporated from a weighed amount of oil, and knowing the exact
>surface area, over a measured time interval.
>Again, you may have thought of this already.  Good Luck!
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