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RE: small volume silver bath recovery

Have you looked into the use of the silver reclamation units for small
photographic and xray operations?  I don't know that these will work with
the cyanide based solutions but they are designed for use in small volume
operations such as home darkrooms and doctor's offices with a low x-ray

Another thought which may make it easier to recover the silver is to try a
non-cyanide silver plating solution.  There are several available and,
depending on the operation, are successfully used as a substitute for
cyanide based silver plating solution.  If this works you eliminate the
cyanide and then most silver reclamation units will probably work. There are
also x-ray firms that collect spent x-ray solutions from doctors offices and
reclaim them as a service to their customers, the doctors.  One of these
companies in your area might be willing to do the same for this operation.
I doubt, however, that they would fool with cyanide based silver solutions. 

Hope this helps. 

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> Subject: 	small volume silver bath recovery
> I am looking for information on means of recovering silver from a silver
> plating bath.  The challenge in finding a means of recovery is the small
> volume generated by the facility.  They only generate between 12 & 15
> gallons of spent bath annually at a rate of about a gallon a month.  The
> initial bath composition is 168 grams of potassium cyanide, 89.7 grams of
> silver cyanide, and 134.4 grams of potassium carbonate all added to 3000
> ml
> of DI water.
> Any thoughts are well appreciated.
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