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Re: Ethyl Lactate

A simple search at www.google.com also does the trick.

Dr. Henry Boyter, Jr. Ph.D. Chemist

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There is some information about ethyl lactate on in SAGE (solvent
alternatives guide) at

One vendor I show for ethyl lactate is Purac America in Illinois
or www.purac.com


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>>> "Nancy Larson" <nlarson@ksu.edu> 07/18/00 09:53AM >>>
Does anyone have experience using this product as a mild solvent for
aluminum parts washing?  What other name is it commercially marketed under
and do you know of any vendors?  Cost per gallon?

Thanks you!

Nancy J. Larson
Industrial Pollution Prevention Specialist
KSU Pollution Prevention Institute
316/722-7721 ext.254