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Re: Ethyl Lactate

I suggest you speak with two people who market ethyl lactate alone and/or
blended with other materials:

1) Mark Henneberry
    Henneberry Marketing
    599 West Jefferson
    El Paso, IL 61738

2) Jerry Vasek
    Vertec Solvents
     411 Business Ctr Road
     Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

All standard disclaimers apply.

Bets Regards,

Dan Kraybill, P.E.
Illinois Waste Management and Research Center

At 06:53 AM 7/18/00 -0700, Nancy Larson wrote:
>Does anyone have experience using this product as a mild solvent for
>aluminum parts washing?  What other name is it commercially marketed under
>and do you know of any vendors?  Cost per gallon?
>Thanks you!
>Nancy J. Larson
>Industrial Pollution Prevention Specialist
>KSU Pollution Prevention Institute
>316/722-7721 ext.254