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P2 Images

Here's a compilation of the responses I received from my inquiry. Thanks again for the many, prompt responses.

From:  rsobin@deq.state.va.us       
and     mers@usit.net

ESAVE, formerly 
called P2 Advisor) that highlights P2 successes, primarily in DOE 
facilities.  Past issues are available at 
http://www.dp.doe.gov/dp45/p2/ in text (without photos) and pdf 
(with photos) format. 
You may also want to check the following pages:
	- National Renewable Energy Lab Photographic Information 
	  Exchange  (http://www.nrel.gov/data/pix/pix.html)
	- Search PNNL's photo library 

>From  Denise.Rayborn@dnr.state.ia.us               www.iwrc.org 

>From   mark.snyder@moea.state.mn.us      (I didn't attach his clipart for fear of overloading the server. If you can't get it off the site he or I can forward it to you.)

I've attached a PDF with clipart samples associated with the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance Waste Reduction Campaign.  These are also available as camera-ready slicks, if you are interested.  Visit www.reduce.org and click on the "Educational Toolbox" at the top to learn about other resources we have available (including Fact Sheets, PowerPoint slideshows and more).

You also might want to contact Scott Andre, our graphic designer, to see if he has electronic samples of some of the photos we've used in our own State Fair displays and/or from previous P2 Week campaigns.  He can be reached at 651-215-0245 or scott.andre@moea.state.mn.us 

If you have questions about the Campaign, the coordinator is Monte Hilleman, who you can reach at 651-215-0264 or monte.hilleman@moea.state.mn.us 

Our webmaster provided me with the following link to our clipart images from our 1999 P2 Week outreach.  There aren't any photos, but you may find some useful stuff.

> http://www.moea.state.mn.us/p2week99/clipart.cfm 

Thanks again,

Kirk Mills
Pollution Prevention Program
Colorado Department of Public Health 
     and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive So.
Denver, Co  80246-1530
Ph: (303) 692-2977
Fax: (303) 782-4969
Email: kirk.mills@state.co.us