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Surface Coating P2

Dear P2 Techer's:

The Colorado Air Pollution Control Division is beginning to identify its universe of facilities that will be affected by the Surface Coating MACT standards with the eventual goal of encouraging these facilities to "escape" the MACT through P2-driven HAP reductions. We also plan to use the information developed to help smaller sources make HAP reductions as well.

 To this end, we are looking for information about similar efforts in other states as well as technical information about P2 opportunities in surface coating.  For those not close to this issue, the Surface Coating MACT will start being issued later this year and will apply to the following industry source categories:

Fabric coating, printing, and dyeing
Large appliance coating
Metal can coating
Metal coil coating
Metal Furniture
Miscellaneous metal parts and products
Paper and other webs
Reinforced plastic composite manufacturing
Wood building products

I will compile the responses and put them back on the listserve. Thanks again for your assistance,

Kirk Mills
Pollution Prevention Program
Colorado Department of Public Health 
     and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive So.
Denver, Co  80246-1530
Ph: (303) 692-2977
Fax: (303) 782-4969
Email: kirk.mills@state.co.us