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The Iowa Waste Reduction Center at the University of Northern Iowa has recently completed a business assistance providers database that we believe would help greatly in establishing the national network that EPA expressed a desire for in the Aiming for Excellence report, as well as a national network of other business assistance needs such as exporting/OSHA/economic development/IRS/financing assistance.  Since environmental technical assistance programs nationwide would be integral in establishing and coordinating this network, we have attached it for your review.  This tool was developed from a request by our trade associations and chambers of commerce to help them find out the appropriate point of contact for assistance, but it seemed also to be a great referral tool for assistance providers.  Our programs can further utilize the database to identify the business assistance providers in our state to include in a state small business assistance providers roundtable.  Such a roundtable would be mutually beneficial among all programs to open (or in some states continue) the lines of communication, and develop partnerships or avoid duplication based on ongoing communication.
With this in mind, we explored further the ability to make this available nationwide, have assistance with its population, and encourage other states to form these roundtables.  We truly believe that partnerships come out of ongoing communication and awareness.  Thus, we developed the attached proposal.  It does incorporate some of the concepts of the Enhanced Environmental Partnership Proposal, as many had merit.  We commend their efforts in developing a national network, and would like to work together to develop something jointly.
Please review this and let us know your thoughts.  We would like for all environmental providers to work together to develop a proposal we will all find beneficial, and trade associations, businesses, and chambers of commerce can query for appropriate assistance.
This is merely the first draft of this proposal.  It has not, nor will not, go to Congress yet.  We would like to solicit as much feedback as possible, and encourage as many states as interested, to develop a proposal with which we can move forward.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to do so.
The database can be found at www.iwrc.org/rain , but please read the proposal first as it includes more than just RAIN. 
Christine Twait and Jennifer Drenner
Iowa Waste Reduction Center