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RE: Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

In Oregon, the Portland Metropolitan Agency (Metro) has developed extensive
markets and services for recovering, reusing and recycling C & D.  A contact
is Bryce Jacobson, (503) 797-1663 at 600 NE Grand Ave Portland 97232-2736.
They have resources for distribution including deconstruction services, case
studies, contact lists and educational materials. Also the Oregon State DEQ
is considering either requiring or incenting recovery of C & D in urban
areas.  You may want to keep up with the new legislative proposal by
contacting Mary Sue Gilliland at DEQ (503)229-5808.

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Nancy -
Although I do not have a specific contact (maybe someone else from Chicago 
area does), but you may want to contact the City of Chicago's Department of 
Environment.  The City of Chicago has the "Blue Bag Recycling Program" for 
Chicago residents.  At one time part of that program required that their 
contractor Waste Management, Inc. must recycle C & D waste that comes 
through the sorting facility.  The City of Chicago Department of 
Environment Recycling Hotline can be reached 
at                312-744-1614.  Their web site is 

Debra Jacobson

At 09:23 AM 7/21/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Ohio is currently reviewing rules to encourage recycling C&DD 
>materials.  Ohio regulates C&DD separately from solid waste so tipping 
>fees at C&DD landfills are very low - $2-$20 per ton.
>We are looking for recycle/reuse incentive programs, grant programs to 
>stimulate C&DD recycling/ markets, requirements to reuse in roadbase and 
>any other initiatives.
>Seeking information on what other states have done.  Thanks
>Nancy Moore, OPP
>Ohio EPA


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