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Re: P2 for Vocational Education

Check out the Iowa WAste Reduction Center homepage at

We have a few community college initiatives going on...

We developed a Pollution Prevention Curriculum specifically for
Automotive Vehicle Maintenance programs. The curriculum is designed to
ingrain pollution prevention practices into the student and eventual
technician. It is designed to be incorporated into existing vehicle
maintenance curriculi. The material is distributed through VMS
(Vocational Material Service).  Contact our Office Coordinator, Glee, at
1-800-422-3109 for more information.

We also worked for EPA's DfE and collaborated on a P2 Curriculum for
Printing programs.  Contact Lisa in our office at 1-800-422-3109 for
more information. The material is complete but the not yet distributed.

The Spray Technique Analysis and Research (STAR) Program is a
revolutionary and unique
 approach to improving the efficiency of manual spray coating
operations. The STAR program
 teaches spray technicians how to optimize the efficiency of an entire
spray system.

 The key to the STAR program, however, is its focus on the SPRAY
 Instead of only focusing on the spray guns or coatings used, we go
beyond that and analyze a
 painter's spray technique. New, innovative techniques and practices are
incorporated into the trainee's
 spraying habits. Professional technicians, students and instructors
learn the techniques and their results are measured.  The benefits of
the STAR program are:
      Reduced material consumption and cost,
      Reduced overspray and emissions,
      Reduced health risks, and
      Improved finish quality.

To find out more about the transferrring the STAR program to a community
college in your state, contact Bill Zimmerle at 800-422-3109.

And finally, my program, Mobile Outreach for Pollution Prevention. The
MOPP project takes pollution prevention technology and expertise to the
small business community through a mobile demonstration unit which is
equipped with pollution prevention, waste reduction and waste recycling
equipment for the vehicle maintenance industry. When I am touring a
state, I always incorporate stops at the community colleges.  They make
great host sites and the students benefit greatly.  I also bring the
Laser Touch device used in the STAR program with me! The MOPP is part of
our Small Business Pollution Prevention Center (SBPPC). Contact Sue
Sommerfelt at 1-800-422-3109.

MOPP and STAR videos are available on the website.

Call me, I'd love to open the discussion on a Montana MOPP tour for next
year!  Using the MOPP we can introduce all of the other programs
throughout the state.

Sue Sommerfelt
Iowa Waste Reduction Center