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Re: Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Several references I had identified a year or so ago:

		1.	"Fact Sheet: Storm Water Pollution Prevention," PRO-ACT, January 1999, located at http://www.afcee.brooks.af.mil/pro_act/fact/Jan99.htm.

		2.	"Storm Water - Keep It Clean!" factsheet, Office of Small Business, Illinois EPA, September 1998

		3.	"A Source Book on Natural Landscaping for Public Officials," USEPA, ~June 1998, located at http://www.epa.gov/grtlakes/greenacres/toolkit/index.html.

		4.	"Best Management Practices for Roads," North Carolina State University Water Quality Group, ~1995, located at http://h2osparc.wq.ncsu.edu/descprob/roads.html. (See list of references at end of document)

		5.	"Project Summary, Stormwater Pollution Abatement Technologies," EPA/600/SR-94/129, September 1994.

		6.	"When it Rains, It Drains, What Everyone Should Know About Storm Water," MDEQ-SWQD.

		7.	"Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution, Best Management Practices," Environmental Engineers' Handbook, 2nd Ed., 1997, Chapter 9, pp. 1120-1125.

		8.	"Handbook: Urban Runoff P2 and Control Planning," EPA/625/R-93/004, September 1993

		9.	"Municipal Wastewater Management Fact Sheets: Storm Water Best Management Practices," EPA832F96001, 1996

		10.	"Urban Runoff Management Information and Education Products," EPA833K93001, 1993. (May no longer be available)

		11.	"Guidance on Storm Water Drainage Wells, Storm Water Drainage Well Design Best Management Practices," USEPA, located at http://www.epa.gov/reg5oh2o/storm/chap6.htm.

		12.	See the stormwater best management practices chart located at http://www.ceres.ca.gov/coastalcomm/nonpoint/pgmb-5.jpg.

		13.	For in-line treatment of stormwater, see Aquashield vendor information www.aquashieldinc.com

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>>> Jancie Hatcher <p2ad@ix.netcom.com> 07/26 1:18 PM >>>
Greetings - I am working with a group in GA that is writing a stormwater
P2 manual.  Do any of you have documents already developed or know of
good information sources for:
1.  How to set up municipal stormwater P2 programs?
2.  Fact sheets/BMP descriptions for stormwater issues specific to
industry or business sectors (i.e. refueling vehicles, dry cleaners,
salvage yards, carpet cleaners, etc.)

I will check the archives when I get a chance.
Thanks for any leads.

Jancie Hatcher
Information Manager
GA Pollution Prevention Asst. Div.
(404) 651-5120