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Re: Metal Filtration

Check with hazardous waste program personnel to see if evaporators are appropriate for this waste stream.  

>>> <Ronald_A_Del_Mar@rl.gov> 07/26 2:17 PM >>>
We have a waste stream generated from the mopping of floors at our
fabrication shops that routinely tests out with concentrations of lead in
the 10 to 20 ppm range.  Our guess is that the lead comes from metal
shavings resulting form grinding/cutting of stainless steel.  We currently
generate about a drum a month of this mop water.  We are looking at a number
of options to reduce this waste stream, including reducing frequency of
mopping, doing a better job of catching shavings before they get onto floor,
improved housekeeping, etc.  Another thing we are trying it filtering mop
water to reduce concentration in water to below TCLP limits.  This would
leave us with only the sludge to manage as hazardous waste.   We've tried
running the water through a 25 micron filter, but this had essentially no
impact on the concentration of lead in the mop water.  I assume we need to
go to something much smaller -- probably more of a multi-staged filtration
process.  Anybody have any ideas as to what might be sucessful in removing
the lead from this mop water? 

Ronald A. Del Mar
DynCorp Environmental Programs & Compliance
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