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RE: P2 for Home-based Businesses

I would highly recommend the energy life cycle cost calculators from Energy
Star for home office equipment purchases.

Check them at http://www.epa.gov/appdstar/purchasing/calculators/


Michael Segal
The Cadmus Group, Inc
1901 No. Fort Myer Dr.
Arlington, VA 22209
Tel: 703-247-6113

For more information 
visit  http://www.epa.gov/buildings

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From: Nancy Larson [mailto:nlarson@ksu.edu]
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Subject: P2 for Home-based Businesses

We are in the process of writing a manual addressing P2 issues for
home-based businesses.  Does anyone know of existing information on this

Please respond directly to NLarson@ksu.edu

Thank you,

Nancy J. Larson
Industrial Pollution Prevention Specialist
KSU Pollution Prevention Institute
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