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New International Student Committee on Industrial Ecology Website

FYI... Please forward to those you feel may be interested.


The International Student Committee on Industrial Ecology has just
release a new website that will serve as a communication platform for
all IE students to broadcast ideas and experiences related to IE
research and
education. The ISCIE Forum consists of a discussion board and a realtime
chat room. The discussion board has enabled IE graduate students to
communicate via messages posting and responding to  messages, while not
requiring users to be online simultaneously.  Messages on the board
remain on the board and are archived.

In the chatroom,  users that are present simultaneously may chat back
and forth in a more conversational mode.  Messages posted in the
chatroom are deleted frequently and are not archived. The Forum also has

the ability to support online polling.

Participants in the Forum must register first and supply a password.
After registering, a participant can utilize any of the Forum services
and can post a user profile.  Registration allows for greater security
against hackers and spammers.

The Forum is located at


The ISCIE Webmaster and Forum Administrator  is John M. Clayton of the
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of

Web Address: http://environmental.gatech.edu/~indecol
Email:  indecol@environmental.gatech.edu