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Salt by-product

Greetings from the Granite State,
I have a client that manufactures mold release agents.  One of the waste
streams from this process is a solid salt by-product.  After the salt cake
sits for a while a liquid that is flammable forms on the top.  Because of
the liquid, the waste must be shipped as hazardous ignitable liquid waste,
at a very high cost.  They are able to dry the waste to reduce the liquid
but they can't get rid of it.  They have made efforts to reduce the waste
and are now looking for sources of reuse.  Does anyone know of potential
uses for waste salt that I could pass on to them.  Unfortunately, they won't
provide anymore information than what I have included about the make-up of
the salt.  I realize it is not much to go on.

	Brent Clement
	p2 Technician