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Fw: PCP Help

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From: Huggler, Matt <Matt.Huggler@MAIL.HOUSE.GOV>
Date: Friday, July 28, 2000 2:11 PM
Subject: PCP Help

>I do not usually contribute to fishfolk other than to post the CRS
>each Friday, but I do need some help from anyone with knowledge about PCPs
>and the processes by which they are transported to the arctic and other
>high-latitude areas.  Specifically,  I am looking for information about how
>PCPs are transported globally and regionally to these ecosystems.  I am
>interested in information on bioaccumulation if that is one of their
>transport mechanisms.
>A member in the House has requested information and I would like to give
>them the most accurate and current I can.  I am looking for something short
>and sweet, ideally a 2-3 page synopsis on the subject.  Any ideas about
>sources?  Or, would anyone like to graciously write out something for me?
>Committee on Resources
>Democratic Staff
>fax 202-225-4273