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International Pollution Prevention Summit, October 2000

Dear Members of the ERCP List,

As many of you already know, the Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention
is sponsoring the first International Pollution Prevention Summit entitled,
"ENGAGING THE WORLD in advancing pollution prevention and cleaner
production," which will be held in Montreal, Canada on October 18 - 20,
2000.  Many interesting workshops and panels discussions are planned.
Among the workshops will be a series of three-hour sessions devoted to
addressing the educational and training need and how we should co-work
globally to achieve them so as to accelerate the process of Building
Competence for developing sustainable societies.

Several of us have been asked to facilitate a pre-SUMMIT e-discussion on
many facets of education and training.  With the attached memo, we wish to
thank you for your previous inputs which served as important inputs for
the development of this follow-up "THINK PIECE."

Please send in your responses on any or all of the "THINK PIECE" to:

If you would like more info. about the SUMMIT, please contact Ms. Mary
MacDonald at e-mail: <mary_macdonald@hotmail.com>

Thank you for your inputs. We hope you are having or have had a great
summer vacation or winter vacation if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

We also look forward to your abstract and the inputs into the 7th ERCP.

Very Cordially,

Don Huisingh                  Bahar Keskin
Chairperson of the 7th ERCP   Co-ordinator of the 7th ERCP
don.huisingh@iiiee.lu.se      bahar.keskin@iiiee.lu.se

(See attached file: Education & Training starter piece version4.doc)
[Please contact Bahar.Keskin@iiiee.lu.se directly to receive this MS Word
attachment. -- Listman.]