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Re: Cafeteria Waste Reduction

Dick -

I just received a packet of sample materials and product information from a 
company who is making biodegradable cutlery, straws, plates, cups, waste 
bags, etc.  The materials are made out of corn starch based products.  The 
cutlery is quite sturdy and according to info breaks down very quickly in 
the landfills.

McDonalds is using their products in Europe and they will also be used at 
the Olympic games in Sydney, Australia.

         Peter Klaich
         9 Cambridge Square
         Williamsville, NY  14221

Best regards,

Deb Jacobson

At 07:23 AM 8/3/00 -0400, Richard Burns ORL 407/893-3980 wrote:
>Any good sources re ideas on reducing a medium-sized (company) cafeteria 
>Dick Burns
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