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Re: Sources of Funding for P2 Project Implementation-AnyIdeas?

The USEPA Grants Information website [ http://www.epa.gov/ogd/ ] could be a starting point.

>>> Warren J. Weaver <wjw5@psu.edu> 08/03 6:20 PM >>>
Dear P2Techers:

I have a client here in Pennsylvania that molds fiberglass reinforced
plastic (FRP). They want to upgrade their manufacturing operation to become
both "Clean and Lean". In so doing, this change will reduce more than in
half their styrene emissions. Since styrene is a hazardous air pollutant,
this is a P2 project with strong environmental, health and safety
ramifications. They need several hundred thousand dollars to implement. Do
any of you know of sources of funding-grants or low interest rate loans-for
such a project? They have 130 employees, so they don't qualify for the PA
loans which are capped at 100 employees (and $50,000).

Thoughts, recommendations, referrals?



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