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RE: Replacement for methyl ethyl ketone

Try searching ENVIRO$EN$E at http://es.epa.gov , then click on Solvents
Substitution Data Systems, then Solvents Alternative Guide (SAGE). Let me
know if you run into any difficulty.

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Subject: Replacement for methyl ethyl ketone

Any suggestions on a replacement for methyl ethyl ketone in cleaning
operations?  A company that screen prints with  solvent inks uses MEK to
clean the equipment in a cold immersion tank or by hand depending on the
size of the part to be cleaned.  They are desiring minimal change to the
process, but a substitute for MEK.  I tried SAGE, but unfortunately, the
high ranked items on the reults list will not work to remove his solvent
inks (e.g. surfactants).  the materials that need cleaning are predominantly
stainless steel.  The facility also would like to avoid carcinogens.

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