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RE: Replacement for methyl ethyl ketone

Tammy, you may want to check the Ecolink website.  P&W has used several of
their products as substitutes for undesirable chemicals, including MEK, and
even though the industry is different there still may be an acceptable
substitute there.  Good Luck.

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> Subject: 	Replacement for methyl ethyl ketone
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> Any suggestions on a replacement for methyl ethyl ketone in cleaning
> operations?  A company that screen prints with  solvent inks uses MEK to
> clean the equipment in a cold immersion tank or by hand depending on the
> size of the part to be cleaned.  They are desiring minimal change to the
> process, but a substitute for MEK.  I tried SAGE, but unfortunately, the
> high ranked items on the reults list will not work to remove his solvent
> inks (e.g. surfactants).  the materials that need cleaning are
> predominantly stainless steel.  The facility also would like to avoid
> carcinogens.
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