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Re: Replacement for methyl ethyl ketone


An excellent choice for removing inks would be an n-propyl bromide (NPB)
based solvent.  Listed are three brand names and their manufacturer:

Nu-Tri-Clean  Selig

Abzol  Albermarle  http://www.albemarle.com/abzfrm.htm

Hypersolv  Great Lakes  http://www.greatlakeschem.com/

The solvent has a very high evaporation rate.  Therefore, cold tanks may
not be the best method for use with these solvents.  However, they should
easily remove the inks as described in your e-mail and leave the surface
very clean with very little residue.

If you need more information, we have been studying these solvents for the
last couple of years and would be happy to share some of our information
with you.

Thanks, and good luck!


Kenny Steward
Pollution Prevention Group
Pantex Plant

>>> "Tammy Allen" <tallen%co.pinellas.fl.us@internet.pantex.com> 8/7/2000 >>>
Any suggestions on a replacement for methyl ethyl ketone in cleaning
operations?  A company that screen prints with  solvent inks uses MEK to
clean the equipment in a cold immersion tank or by hand depending on the
size of the part to be cleaned.  They are desiring minimal change to the
process, but a substitute for MEK.  I tried SAGE, but unfortunately, the
high ranked items on the reults list will not work to remove his solvent
inks (e.g. surfactants).  the materials that need cleaning are
predominantly stainless steel.  The facility also would like to avoid

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