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(Fwd) Developing a relationship with SB 2000 on your local PBS

To all,
Please forgive any cross-postings if you have already recieved this, 
but I thought it something that everyone assisting small businesses 
would appreciate hearing--especially from someone who is a small 
business owner and works extensive with small business owners.  This 
is her input on how to approach assistance and how to advertise your 
programs locally:
sherry davis
Subject:        	Developing a relationship with SB 2000 on your local PBS
Date sent:      	Wed, 12 Jul 2000 15:28:03 -0600

Hi everyone, 
Many of you who attended the conference expressed an interest in learning
more about how your SBO/SBAP program could market your services by tying
into the Small Business 2000 program on PBS.  If you choose to be a sponsor,
a screen or film clip with your program's information would be shown at the
beginning and end of each episode.  You would pay your PBS station for the
air time.  In Montana, we think this is a great way to reach our small
business clients, and we have found the cost to be very reasonable.  The
program in seen in over 200 markets and has a potential nationwide audience
of 90 million people.
Hattie Bryant, our keynote speaker and host of Small Business 2000, has
graciously volunteered to assist you in approaching your PBS station.  She
even feels that it might be possible to convince the local PBS stations to
either do this as public service or for a small donation to the channel.
She works with every station and can smooth the way for you.  We are also
discussing potential marketing opportunities for all our programs on a
national level with Hattie.  

*	If you are interested in linking your program to SB2000, please
email Hattie at: Hattie Bryant, bryant@sb2000.com <mailto:bryant@sb2000.com>
Creator of SMALL BUSINESS 2000 the series on public television at

http://www.sb2000.com <http://www.sb2000.com/>  and at

http://www.SmallBusinessSchool.com <http://www.SmallBusinessSchool.com> ,
700 Front Street Suite 508, San Diego California 92101, 619-232-4270.
Hattie's assistant is Lydia Curtis, curtis@sb2000.com
<mailto:curtis@sb2000.com> , PO Box 23100, New Orleans 70183, 504-737-0089

*	If you have suggestions on how we might better market our programs,
please email me at kekstrom@state.mt.us <mailto:kekstrom@state.mt.us> .

Remember to watch Small Business 2000 on your local PBS station.  Check out
Hattie's web site for local listings.
Many of you felt that the best part of Hattie's presentation was the list
of hints on how to treat small businesses.  Hattie has allowed us to repeat
that information for you below. 
How to Treat Small Business Owners
1.     See them as your customer and treat them with respect, remembering
that big business has not created one net new job in 10 years.  
2.    Ask the them how they want to be communicated with.  Telephone? Email?
Fax? In person?
3.  Hang out where they hang out.  That includes trade associations,
Chambers of Commerce, Downtown/Main Street Associations and CHURCH.  
4.  Speak to them in first person.
5.  Speak to them in English, not government jargon.
6.  Target your marketing materials appropriately.  Even though the average
business owner today is a 42 year-old white male, remember women own one
third of the companies and immigrants are the most successful segment at
starting and sustaining a business.  
7.  Partner with CPAs and bankers to get your message to small business
owners.  Owners are stubborn and busy, but 79% of them take advice from
their CPAs and 71% of them take advice from their banker.
8.  Speak to them about specific businesses you have helped.  For example,
tell them a story about how your ideas saved a specific company money, or,
about how your ideas helped a company "turn green"  which in turn won them
customers who want to do business with green companies. This is called,
"Cause Marketing."
9.  Remember that every business owners wants to do their fair share.  They
know that doing good is good business.
from:  Hattie Bryant, keynote speech, 2000 National SBO/SBAP Conference,
Missoula, MT, June 19-22, 2000.

Sherry J. Davis, CHMM
Industrial P2 Specialist
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Manhattan, KS  66506-2508
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