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Spray Cabinet Sludge

Client has historically paid attention to heavy metals content and pH of the aqueous sludge generated from cabinet spray ops.  

Now wondering if this sludge designates as toxic due to 2 detergents used - Sodium Metasilicate and Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (TSP).  Both are salts, are toxic, and would only be allowed in the sludge at less than 10% for solid waste disposal (per local/state designations).  

As they are salts, these substances would not be expected to "leave the cabinet". 

Has any one heard of the fates of these chemicals in an oily environment? Can they be expected to be found in the sludge at the same volume they were added? Since they lose there cleaning effectiveness, are they some how "used up"?  Any insights would be appreciated.

Michelle Gaither
Pollution Prevention Resource Center