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Re: Stormwater Pollution Prevention


You may already be aware of this site; if not you may find it helpful. It is http://www.americanoceans.org/runoff/epa.htm.

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>>> Jancie Hatcher <p2ad@ix.netcom.com> 07/26/00 10:18AM >>>
Greetings - I am working with a group in GA that is writing a stormwater
P2 manual.  Do any of you have documents already developed or know of
good information sources for:
1.  How to set up municipal stormwater P2 programs?
2.  Fact sheets/BMP descriptions for stormwater issues specific to
industry or business sectors (i.e. refueling vehicles, dry cleaners,
salvage yards, carpet cleaners, etc.)

I will check the archives when I get a chance.
Thanks for any leads.

Jancie Hatcher
Information Manager
GA Pollution Prevention Asst. Div.
(404) 651-5120