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Re: Industry / State collaborative projects


The Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, Environmental Assistance Division has a P2 section website that contains our grants (Clean Michigan Initiative grants), P2 loan program, and a host of P2 initiatives such as voluntary pollution prevention partnerships for multiple industrial sectors including pulp and paper, printing, metal finishing, automotive to name a few. The website gives extensive detail on the programs. Please feel free to call me to get more information on the programs successes.



Jenna Latt
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
(517) 373-0604
(517) 373-3675 (fax)

>>> Newman Greg <NEWMANG@epa.nsw.gov.au> 08/15 6:43 PM >>>

Our office is in the very early planning stages of developing a new
collaborative State / Industry Sector project. At this point we are
interested in evaluating a broad range of options including 

1.  Grant programs
2.  Loan programs or other financial assistance programs
3.  Broader environmental initiatives eg EMS, Sustainability, or extended
producer responsibility. 

Could people direct me to or provide examples of these types of programs and
perhaps provide some very limited feedback on the successes / drawbacks to

Thanks in advance, Greg

Greg Newman, Waste Programs Unit
New South Wales, EPA
PO Box A290 
Sydney South NSW 1232
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