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Hello everyone. I apologize for cross postings.

One of my local hospitals is considering using an aqueous solution of
glutaraldehyde as a cooling tower biocide.

They intend to discharge the cooling tower "blow-down" (water mixed with the
glutaraldehyde) directly into the sanitary sewer system at a volume of
approximately 360 gallons per day (1/4 gallon per minute on average) with a
glutaraldehyde concentration of approx. 150 ppm in the effluent.

Do any other agencies allow discharge of glutaraldehyde into the sewer
Is glutaraldehyde a problem in the sanitary sewer system?
Is there a less toxic alternative?

I have searched the web for "glutaraldehyde" and for "cooling tower" and got
a lot of interesting information, but nothing about discharges to sewer

As always, any information you can share would be helpful.  Thank
you! -Tracy Wyhlidko

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