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"Request for Expression of Interest"

Approved: carrot7
To: p2tech@great-lakes.net
From: "Brunetti, Tiffany A" <BrunettiT@BATTELLE.ORG>
Subject: "Request for Expression of Interest"

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has
undertaken a project with the world's major cement producers to create a
blueprint for the future that will contribute to both a prosperous cement
industry and a sustainable global economy.  Battelle Memorial Institute has
been retained by WBCSD to coordinate the project, which involves gathering
information, addressing the concerns of the cement industry and its
stakeholders, and formulating plans for action. Battelle is currently
issuing a "Request for Expression of Interest" from potential
subcontractors, which describes a number of specific  substudies that will
be subcontracted.  After submission of expressions of interest and
statements of capabilities from individuals or organizations, Battelle will
issue "Request for Tender" packages to potential subcontractors.  For more
information regarding this project and the process for submission, please
review the following .PDF document located on the WBCSD website at:


Tiffany Brunetti
   "Toward a Sustainable Cement Industry"
    Communications Manager
Battelle Memorial Institute
505 King Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201
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