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Re: Waste Iron Powder

Warren - I just perused the "OIT Times" newsletter.  They have several new
publications including:

  "Particulate Briquetting Technology for the Steel Industry"
"Dephosphorization when using direct reduced iron pellets or hot briquetted
  maybe OIT would have some ideas for you.

  secondly, Neal Hunter at the Center for Waste Minimization has much
expertise in the area of grinding swarf recovery (and end markets for the
material).  He may have some good ideas for you.

  Michelle Gaither, PPRC (and CWC)

  From:  Warren J. Weaver[SMTP:wjw5@psu.edu]
  Sent:  Friday, August 18, 2000 4:33 PM
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  Subject:  Waste Iron Powder


  I have a client here in PA who makes a carrier for toner used in certain
  types of copy machines. They use iron powder in their product to give it
  the proper electro-magnetic properties. The iron powder they buy is
  otherwise intended for the sintered metals industry. The particle size
  distribution of the purchased powder is too wide for their use. Therefore
  they screen out the material that is too coarse and the particles that are
  too fine. This results in 50% waste. They used to be able to recycle
  it-previously it was smelted into steel-but their sources to do so have
  dried up.

  They generate between 3 - 4000 lbs./mo. They currently have 40,000 lbs. on
  site (and growing) until they can find a recycling option.

  Anybody have any thoughts? Why would it no longer be acceptable in
  steel-making? Might there be other steel producers that would be interested
  in it? Are there other possible uses?

  You suggestions are appreciated.


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