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GEMI Releases First-of-its-Kind HSE Web Depot

GEMI Releases First-of-its-Kind HSE Web Depot:  A Tool to Enhance Corporate
Value Through the Management of HSE Information

Washington, D.C., August 29, 2000 ­ The Global Environmental Management
Initiative (GEMI) announced today the availability of a new HSE Web Depot,
designed to help Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) professionals,
facility managers and business unit leaders provide value to their companies
by reducing costs and risks and improving performance through HSE
information automation.

“Large and small companies constantly look for new ways to enhance the top
and bottom-line value of their companies.  This first-of-its-kind HSE Web
Depot will help information technology professionals and business leaders
find ways to use and coordinate their information needs and technology,”
said Audrey Bamberger, Environmental Systems and Performance Measurement
Specialist, Anheuser-Busch Companies, and Chair, GEMI Information Management
Systems Work Group.  She continued, “A major challenge for HSE professionals
inside any company is how to integrate HSE information into their company’s
systems in a way that will enhance top and bottom-line value.  This new
web-based tool has been designed in a user-friendly way to collect and share
information based on the experience and lessons learned by leading corporate
environmental information technology experts.”

Jim Thomas, Executive Director, Health, Safety & Environment, Novartis
Corporation, and Chair of GEMI’s Communication and Marketing Committee
added, “This new web-based tool is another example of how GEMI’s members
work together to develop tools that will help Business Help Business Achieve
Global Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence.”  “The issues and
examples that are included in this new tool highlight ways that
professionals with these rapidly evolving skills can play a unique role for
both the environment and in creating value for their companies,” Thomas

The HSE Web Depot is the culmination of over a year’s worth of effort by
representatives of GEMI companies along with the consulting support of
Hagler-Bailly and Blackwell Consulting.  The HSE Web Depot can be accessed
through GEMI’s website at www.gemi.org.

“This HSE Web Depot represents the first time that much of the information
has been collected and organized in an easy-to-use format,” Bamberger said.
“Before this new Web Depot, often the only source of knowledge and
experience in this new field existed in the minds of a few leading
professionals,” she continued.  “Now GEMI has made it possible for the world
to learn from these leading professionals in a way that has been designed to
encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and the web-based nature
of the tool allows the resource to continue to grow in both volume and
  value” she concluded.

For More Information Contact:
Mary Beth Parker
Global Environmental Management Initiative
One Thomas Circle, Tenth Floor, Washington, D.C.  20005
Phone (202) 296-7449	Fax (202) 296-7442