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RE: Vegetable Oil Recycling


Additional information on the biodiesel (vegetable oil recycling)
demonstration project in Greater Cincinnati:

I spoke with Sally Hilvers of Queen City Metro (bus line) this morning.  Ms.
Hilvers reporte that about two more weeks remain in the demonstration.  She
said that the buses are running well with the alternative fuel, with good
mileage and performance (including power, which is important on Cincinnati's
hills!).  One small snag, which actually may be a cloud with a silver
lining, is that biodiesel fuel evidently cleans engines so well that Metro
has had a few instances of clogged fuel filters.  Once the filters are
changed the engines are fine.  I also spoke with Rick Geise, who suggests a
filter change after the first two tanks of the fuel to avoid clogging.  I
assume that biodiesel use in a new vehicle would avoid the problem
altogether because you would start with a 'clean' engine.  Mr. Geise says
the fuel cost is competitive and getting better.  Some of you may recall
that Queen City Metro also participated in a soy diesel demonstration
project in 1993-94.  The cost of soy diesel then was about $4.00/gallon.
Now it's about $2.50/gallon.  Metro can currently purchase regular diesel at
about $.52/gallon, and the biodiesel is about $1.49/gallon.  Mr. Geise says
that biodiesel production hasn't yet experienced economies of scale, so the
price may actually line up with regular diesel in the near future.  Ms.
Hilvers said that test results for efficiency improvements and emissions
reductions will be available after the project's completion in a few weeks.

This is a fascinating project.  I hope the this information is helpful!

J. Bruce Suits
Pollution Prevention Manager
City of Cincinnati
Office of Environmental Management
Two Centennial Plaza
805 Central Avenue, Suite 610
Cincinnati, OH  45202-1947
Phone:     513/352-6270
FAX:       513/352-4970
email:     bruce.suits@rcc.org
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This was on e-wire last month.
Cincinnati is in the news with "McDiesel".

Griffin Supplies Biodiesel for Bus Fleets

CINCINNATI, OH. July 18, -/E-Wire/-- Griffin Industries has been selected to
supply TANK and Metro buses with biodiesel, an environmentally friendly fuel
throughout the summer. 500,000 gallons of B20, a blend of 20% biodiesel
mixed with 80% petroleum diesel will power over 280 buses through July and
August. The buses are expected to run 2,500,000 miles on tri-state roadways
using the alternative fuel.

Headquartered in Cold Spring, Kentucky, Griffin produces biodiesel from
recycled vegetable oil collected from area restaurants.  According to Rick
Geise, Director of Marketing, the program is creating a great deal of local
and national interest. "Any resident who has eaten at a tri-state restaurant
in the past 18 months has likely contributed to the production of biodiesel
and therefore, reduced our country's dependence on foreign oil."

Chairman, Dennis Griffin added, "Griffin Industries is thrilled to be a part
of such a precedent setting program. With air quality a critical concern
during these hot summer months, we applaud TANK and Metro's foresight and
initiative in utilizing biodiesel to combat pollution in Greater Cincinnati.
Through OKI's leadership and the support of the Department of
Transportation, this project presents a working case study that will
certainly be modeled around the country. We'd also like to recognize Lykins
Oil Company for playing such a key role in providing a seamless transition
for Metro and TANK to operate their fleets with alternative fuel.  Finally,
a special thanks to the National Biodiesel Board, American Soybean
Association, United Soybean Board, and the Fats and Proteins Research
Foundation for their commitment to the development of biodiesel as the most
cost effective alternative fuel available. This project truly represents a
team effort."

SOURCE Griffin Industries
-0- 07/18/00
CONTACT: Rick Geise, Director of Marketing, Griffin
Industries, (859)572-2558.

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Subject:  Vegetable Oil Recycling

Does anyone have information about recycling used partially hydrogenated
vegetable oils from fast food restaurants into an additive for diesel fuel?
Or anything else for that matter.

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