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Re: Foundry Wastewater slude


You should contact Elizabeth Olenbush, Director of the 
Foundry Industry Recycling Starts Today (FIRST) 
Project.  FIRST is actively involved in precisely the 
types of matters to which you refer.  I know that Kurtz 
Bros., Incl [Independence, Ohio; (216)986-7000] is doing 
things with foundry waste materials, and Hamilton 
County, Ohio is using flowable fill in some of their 
programs (Contact: William Brayshaw, Chief Engineer, 
Hamilton County; [(513)946-8902]).  In Michigan, you 
might check with Dave Walborn, Resource Recovery Corp. 
of West Michigan [(616)837-1885].  They are working with 
these approaches in Michigan. 

You may already know about these connections, but I 
thought I should pass them on.  I would urge you to 
contact Elizabeth Olenbush (413)229-2466.  Ohio (through 
the Ohio Cast Metals Association; Russ Murray, Exec. 
Dir. [614)876-5100]is a partner in FIRST and Elizabeth 
has done a lot of work with Ohio in these programs.

Tom Borton

Thomas Borton Associates, Inc.
10701 Jackson Road, Dexter, MI  48130
Phone:734/475-4244; Fax:734/475-3359
> I was contacted by a foundry operation that uses a wet dust collection system 
> (water scrubber).  The sludge is stored in a lagoon and de-watered.  The sludge 
> consists of:
> 4-10% sand/based on grain size
> rest is silt & clay
> 30-40% moisture
> SPLP test yield acid content as weak as rain water
> operation products 190,000 tons of sludge each year.
> Is there a company and/or process that can use this product (preferably in IN, 
> OH or MI).  Perhaps as flowable fill?  Concrete additive?
> Any ideas, comments or suggestions
> Thank you in advance,
> David A. Foulkes, Environmental Specialist
> State of Ohio EPA
> Office of Pollution Prevention
> P.O. Box 1049
> Columbus, OH  43216-1049
> (614) 644-3118
> email:  dave.foulkes@epa.state.oh.us
> World Wide Web:  http://www.epa.state.oh.us/opp