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New web site


Please take a moment to visit a new P2 E-commerce site called at
www.xsmaterials.com. The purpose of the site is to help promote

sustainability via the reduced use of raw materials. The site is easy to use
and currently lists more than 70 materials exchanges, auction sites,

value added services and resources that can help generators find a use for
excess materials. This site is a good tool to add to your P2 tool box,

especially if you have a client that has a problem with excess materials
that will later become a waste. Please pass on to other interested P2

practitioners in your area.

Raul E. Gonzalez
Program Director
Southwest Pollution Prevention Center
500 W. University--Burges Hall 4th floor
University of Texas at El Paso
Ph: (915) 747-6273
Fx: (915) 747-5437
E-mail: raulg@miners.utep.edu <mailto:raulg@miners.utep.edu>
http://p2.utep.edu <http://p2.utep.edu/>