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Re: Vegetable Oil Recycling

Sorry for the delay

In the "anything else for that matter" category, I suggest you look up the retro
kids who drove the Veggie Van cross country two years ago - met them at a stop
in Nebraska City:


not your typical fuels engineers, but you can't argue with their driving record.
  Drafting behind the van is a
bit like living downwind from McDonald's, but would you rather smell diesel
fumes or fries in a traffic jam?  Maybe
there's a possible dual use by providing a disincentive to eating greasy



atieche@knoxville-notes.ips.utk.edu on 08/29/2000 04:23:29 PM

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 Subject: Vegetable Oil Recycling                             

Does anyone have information about recycling used partially hydrogenated
vegetable oils from fast food restaurants into an additive for diesel fuel?
Or anything else for that matter.

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