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Re: Vehicle and equipment washes

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has a publication for "Mobile Power Washing". It is normally available on the Environmental Assistance Divisions publication site www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/pub, but our internet site is currently down. If you want a copy mailed, please let me know your mailing address.

Judy Schaefer

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Department of Environmental Quality
PO Box 30457
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Direct Line: 517.373.0590   FAX: 517.373.3675
email: schaefj2@state.mi.us

800.662.9278 or email: deq-ead-env-assist@state.mi.us

>>> "Bill Quinn" <Quinn.Bill@ev.state.az.us> 09/06 2:31 PM >>>
Hi all,

Does anyone have a fact sheet(s) developed (p2 ideas or regulatory requirements on) for vehicle and equipment washes? This involves discharge water from washing exteriors of vehicles and equipment and its related contaminants of lubricating oils, antifreeze, gasoline, and washing the interior of vessels used to transport fuel products or chemicals. Aquifer protection permits are normaly required for this activity. 

Bill Quinn
Pollution Prevention Unit