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FW: Bridgestone Firestone recall Fact Sheet

FYI - 

Here is a fact sheet written by Bridgestone /Firestone Inc. dealing with the
disposal of the 6.5 million tires it will be recalling.  Please pass this on to
whomever you believe could use this information.  .  Bridgestone/Firestone
distributed this Fact Sheet to all 50 states, on 8/31.  They used the scrap tire
contacts identified in EPA's most recent "State Scrap Tire Programs" document,
which is on our web site at


                                   Fact Sheet

The  purpose  of  this  ?Fact  Sheet?  is  to  provide  Federal, State and local
authorities with information on the current management plans for the scrap tires
generated  during  the Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. (BFS) voluntary safety recall.
BFS  believes  the  recycling  and  disposal  infrastructure  currently in place
throughout the United States will successfully manage the recalled tires.

The tires affected by the recall include:

     ~   Firestone  ATX   - size P235-75R15;  Firestone ATX II ? size P235-75R15
     All DOT Codes
     ~   Firestone  Wilderness  AT  ? size P235-75R15 with the VD DOT Plant Code

There  are  currently  over  13,000 authorized service centers across the United
States  replacing  the recalled tires.  The following procedures are in place at
BFS to manage the proper disposal of recalled tires:

     ~   Upon  removal  of the tires, the tire is rendered useless by drilling a
     hole  in,  or cutting through the sidewall.  This will ensure that recalled
     tires are not reused on vehicles.

     ~   BFS  has coordinated with its current scrap tire vendors for additional
     pickups  of  scrap  tires  from company owned stores. BFS has also arranged
     with  its  normal  transportation  vendors  to  visit  BFS  dealers and the
     authorized service centers and remove stockpiled scrap tires.

     ~  Recalled scrap tires are being transported either directly to a licensed
     and  permitted  recycling  or  disposal  facility  or  directly  to  a  BFS
     Distribution  Facility  where the recalled tires are checked to assure that
     they  have  been  rendered  useless  and  then  transported to licensed and
     permitted recycling or disposal facilities.

     ~  None of the recalled tires are being redistributed or retreaded

     ~   The  majority of the recalled tires are being shredded and beneficially
     reused  as  fuel  for  power  plants  or cement kilns, or ground into crumb
     rubber  for  recycling into a variety of useful products such as playground
     mats, asphalt and ?soaker? irrigation hoses.

BFS  is committed to working with federal, state and local authorities to ensure
proper  handling  of  recalled  tires  and  to  address  any  scrap  tire issues
associated with the recall.

Additional information on the tires affected by the recall or authorized service
centers can be obtained by calling 800-465-1904 or at www.firestonetire.com.

Any  of  the  individuals  below can be contacted for further information on the

John Sheerin, Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. ? 847-981-3926
Michael Olsen, Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. ? 847-981-2388
Debra Hamlin, Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. ? 847-981-2403

For  General  Information  on  Scrap  Tire  Management,  contact  the Scrap Tire
Management  Council:  John  Serumgard at (202) 682-4842 or Michael Blumenthal at
(202) 682-4882.

Mike Giuranna
EPA, Region III
1650 Arch Street (3WC21)
Philadelphia, PA  19103-2029
215-814-3163 fax
e-mail giuranna.mike@epa.gov