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RE: Need Referral - Outstanding P2 @ Electronics Manufacturer

Deb J.,

Can you provide more info about the company?  (Name, what they
manufacture...perhaps who their primary competitors are.)

Electronics companies, from my experience, are rather protective about
visitors, especially if they're (potential) competitors.  The information
may be vital to gaining cooperation.


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Subject: Need Referral - Outstanding P2 @ Electronics Manufacturer

Good morning all!

I have been contacted by one of the largest electronics manufacturing 
companies in the U.S. (head quartered in the Chicago area) for assistance 
with improving their P2 program.  They have requested that I help them find 
a similar type of company (preferably electronics manufacturer) that has 
been highly successful at reducing solid waste at their facility.  I have 
contacted an ISO certification agency to get a referral from them.  While I 
am waiting for their reply I would appreciate any suggestions and referrals 
any of you may have.  This company would like to visit the facility that I 
identify as a good example to benchmark themselves for improvement.  They 
are willing to travel anywhere in the continental U.S. (no Hawaii).

A little background - the company feels they have done pretty well so far, 
but they want to do better.  They consider themselves good collectors, 
separators and recyclers.  They feel their opportunities for easy 
reductions are gone.  Currently they are working on returnable packaging 
issues for all 517 suppliers to their site.   Their goal is to further 
reduce  - not just separate and recycle.

Most of their waste comes from packaging, remodeling/construction debris 
and food waste from the cafeteria.  They want to benchmark a company that 
excels in one or all areas.  They currently have student interns working on 
the packaging and cafeteria waste reduction efforts.

Your referrals are appreciated!

Deb Jacobson


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