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RE: metal degreasing

A search of the web using "carbon dioxide" cleaning produced many possible
sites for information.  The first site (from a Google.com search) took me to
the URL www.co2clean.com .  They have information on several uses and going
to  http://www.co2clean.com/appl.htm#metals  gave you results of aluminum
and other metal cleaning tests.

You may want to do searches under several search engines to see if some
different sources are identified but the above should be a start.  
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> From: 	Hans Schnitzer[SMTP:schnitzer@glvt.tu-graz.ac.at]
> Sent: 	Monday, September 18, 2000 6:12 AM
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> Subject: 	metal degreasing
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> Dear colleges,
> I am looking for technologies / case studies, ... on water free metal
> degreasing (brushing, corn cob grit, ...). Is there any specific
> experience in aluminium surfaces?
> Thank you for your information
> Hans Schnitzer

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