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RE: Beryllium dust


Has the manufacturer contacted the supplier of the alloy, or other metal
brokers/recyclers, to determine if the alloy-bearing filters could be sent
for recycling (filter and all without any onsite processing)?

As with most metals, recycling is almost always an option if you can locate
the right recycler.  If the metal is an expensive commodity if should
further facilitate recycling opportunities.


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Subject: Beryllium dust

Hi from NH,
I have a client that works with a beryllium (62%), aluminum (38%) alloy.
The company machines this material using and EDM process.   All the cutting
is done submerged in water.  The water is filtered through a pair of 10
micron filters.  At this time they replace the filters 3-5 times a year
(6-10 filters/yr) but they expect the amount to increase significantly.
They are presently bagging the used filters and sending them to land-fill.
Exposure to the dust through inhalation can cause health problem and the
company is concerned that if the bag is torn, someone handling the bag for
the waste company could be exposed to the dust.  The material can't be
substituted for as it is specified by government contract.  Does anyone know
if this dust can be recycled or have knowledge of how to safely handle and
dispose of this material?

Brent Clement
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