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Re: Use of Sewer Effluent in Cooling Towers

In a message dated 9/19/0 2:09:08 AM, roxanne@nni.com writes:

<< Hello!

I am looking for information on the use of sewer effluent (reclaimed
water) in cooling towers.  Basically, anything on drift, pathogens,
bacteria, etc.  If you think you might be able to help, I can give you
more specific details.

If anyone can provide any Web sight with reports, documents, statistics,
or research on the subject, I would greatly appreciate it .

I look forward to your reply.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Roxanne Tornetta >>

Roxanne :

Some great research was recently completed and presented at the WateReuse
Association's annual conference last week in Napa, CA by Dr Rhea Williamson
(rwilliam@email.sjsu.edu) on using reclaimed water in the cooling towers on
campus at San Jose State University.

If you deal with used water(we prefer not to use the term sewer water, after
all it's just dirty, not broken) you should join the WateReuse Association
and get involved and informed on every aspect of water recycling. Their web
site is: www.watereuse.org

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