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RE: isopropyl alcohol reuse


Recycling may be possible but it will depend on the specific contaminants
present.  Metal and diamond fines can be easily removed via filtration but
the mineral spirits may require a fractional distillation system. Are they
using denatured IPA? If so, the presence of the mineral spirits might not be
much worse than the denaturing agent itself. If water is present in the
alcohol then the system gets really complex. 

Have they contacted the vendor ?  Maybe some type of solvent lease
arrangement would be better for them.  I'm not surprised that printers don't
want it because IPA has been targeted as a VOC for several years. You might
be able to find a local formulator who would be interested in using it as a
window cleaner. Since the IPA has been used, most electronic and optic shops
would have little interest in it. Any reuse option will heavily depend as to
what else might be in this waste. Hope this helps.


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Dear P2Tech,

I haven't had the chance to look into this, so I"m hoping the Listserv has
some ideas for this company.

As I understand it (and details are limited), they are using high purity
isopropyl alcohol in their final cleaning stage resulting in approximately
1000 gallons per month of used alcohol, only slightly contaminated with
mineral spirits, and metal and diamond fines (and probably other typical
contaminates).  The company is not interested in cleaning alternatives, but
is interested in potential end users for the alcohol (other than energy
recovery) or well documented, cost effective on-site recycling equipment.

I understand printers use isopropyl alcohol but are encouraged not to.  Any
other possible end users?  Are there any ideas to be taken from the
semiconductor, optics, or high precision electronics manufacturing sectors?


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