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For those who are following HR4946

It is our (IWRC) contention that HR 4946 would increase redundancy in
small business assistance -
A recent correspondance from IWRC Director to an EPA personnel:

The house committee report for HR 4946, the SBDC plan to take over
compliance assistance, was just issued.  It is interesting reading, and
reinforces the fact that SBDCs are still trying to establish a
regulatory compliance assistance empire.

The report makes very brief mention of Clean Air Act programs, such that

SBDCs should maintain "contact information" for these programs (why they

can't do that now is beyond me).

House Report 106-881 includes statements such as:

"participating centers will hold lectures and
   seminars on regulatory compliance including updates on compliance
   on regulatory changes"

"small business
   development centers provide confidential counseling on a one-on-one
   basis at no charge to small businesses seeking regulatory compliance

"Administrator to select two participating
   centers from each of the small Business Administration's ten federal
   regions as those regions exist on the date of enactment of this Act.
   Administrator shall consult with the Association and give the
   Association's recommendations substantial weight"

"SBA to contract with the Association of Small
   Business Development Centers, a private entity that represents most
   SBDCs, to serve as a clearinghouse for information gathered through
   pilot program and to prepare annual reports"

"H.R. 4946 would require the
   hiring of one or two regulatory specialists for each of the 20 SBDCs
   the pilot program and one person at the association to compile
   information from the pilot program"

The full report can be accessed through