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recycling plastic boxes for food staff

Hello everybody!!

I am wondering if someone could help me:
is it possible to recycle plastic "polistirolo" boxes ("polistirolo" -> the 
white light rigid material we use to store fragile staff inside carton 
boxes to prevent it to move itself inside the box)
that a firm use to fill with fresh fish and ice?
I mean, is there an igienical way to wash and sterilize them so that the 
firm can use them again? Otherwise clients will throw them away as garbage.

Some one told me to use high pressure water, but is it biological safe to 
use again washed boxes for food, even if it will be later cooked with a 100 
C or more heat?
Or should they use some kind of alcholic stuff, and which one? Does it 
leave any bad smell?

I apologize for my almost forgotten english and I thank in advance those 
who will give me any help.

Francesco Parisi

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