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RE: Encouraging Industry w/P2

Probably the two major concerns of the customer (Company Y?) is quality and
cost.  If you have already proven that the quality is equal or better (looks
better, no change in taste, easier for consumer to handle, etc) then you
need to concentrate on the savings.  If you can identify the savings to the
producer with some reliability in the numbers then if the producer can pass
on some portion of the savings (10%, 20%, or whatever is reasonable) to the
customer the customer will have more incentive to move the approval forward.

Good Luck.  

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> From: 	Graham Brannin[SMTP:GBRANNIN@ci.tulsa.ok.us]
> Sent: 	Thursday, September 28, 2000 4:09 PM
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> Subject: 	Encouraging Industry w/P2
> I am soliciting ideas about how to delicately and effectively handle a P2
> issue.  We have a large local food producer, X.  They would like to start
> using a bakeable paper/cardboard tray to bake their product.  Company X
> sells all of their product to company Y.  Y has to approve any process
> changes and can be slow to do so.
> The advantages to the bakeable tray are many including eliminating the
> need for a transfer from metal tray to the packaged tray.  It would also
> eliminate the need to wash these metal trays.  A large savings in energy
> and reduction in wastewater and product would result.
> How do you suggest that we proceed to help encourage this process change?
> Can the state also provide assistance?

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