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Recycled Paper Coop Expands Nationwide

Hi Folks, a colleague asked me to post this.

Purchasing Cooperative Expands Nationally ?
Continuing to Increase the Use of Recycled Paper

The Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative (RPPC) is
expanding nationwide on October 1st, 2000.  The
purchasing cooperative is a collaborative non-profit effort
which is aimed at increasing amount of recycled paper used
by businesses and public entities.  The RPPC is accomplishing
this goal by providing recycled paper at prices which oftentimes
meet or beat the price of non-recycled or virgin fiber paper.

This year member purchases are expected to reach over 50,000
cases - saving water, energy, and the equivalent of 10,000 full
grown trees.  Hundreds of members purchase through the RPPC
including: Union Bank of California, the City of San Diego, AFG
Industries, Sea World, JFK University, Aloha Printing, Mountaineers
Books, and many others.  Solana Recyclers, a non-profit organization,
coordinates the RPPC nationally and is partnering with WasteCap of
Massachusetts to promote the RPPC in the New England region.

Membership in the purchasing cooperative is FREE and the paper
available is tested and performance recommended by the U.S.
Government Printing Office.  Currently the RPPC provides 30%
postconsumer recycled copy paper and plans to carry higher
postconsumer papers in the near future.

Every 40 cases (one ton) purchased saves the equivalent of eight
full grown trees.  So tell your friends and neighbors about this
opportunity to buy recycled and  make a difference!

For more information about the Co-op visit http://www.recycledproducts.org
or call (800) 694-8355.

The RPPC is coordinated nationally by Solana Recyclers, a non-profit

The RPPC is sponsored by the U.S. EPA Region 9, Union Bank of California,
the San Diego Foundation, and the Massachusetts Department of
Environmental Protection.