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Concrete Batch Plant Wastewtaer

P2'ers -

Have a semi-P2 request below from Palau (Pacific Islands). Anybody have
information on how these operations are regulated here in the States? Any P2
suggestions? Please forward them to me - I will compile the responses and send
them on.


John Katz
US EPA Region 9


Hello -

I have inquiry regarding wastewater discharges from concrete batch
plants. These facilities are beginning to proliferate here in Palau and
can add to the water quality problems.   Our approach is to begin
including the following discharge conditions:
Either 1) Recycle concrete wash wastewater from water from trucks as
concrete mix water, 2) Dispose of ocncrete mixer washwater onsite,  or
3) Discharge must basically meet pH limits of 7.7 to 8.5 and TSS limits
of 50 mg/L.
Even testing for TSS is a problem in Palau because there are no labs.
 I was curious to know how concrete batch plants are being handled in
the region.
Any info or assistance is appreciated