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RE: Plastics Recycling Assistance-Two Problems

In order to recycle these materials they would have to first go to a
plastics regrinder.  In PA we have four companies that regrind and may be
able to take the material:
NICOS Polymers and Grinding, Easton, 610-250-1230
TIMI Plastics, Towanda, 717-265-5485
IPC Corporation, Allentown, 610-437-5463
L&P Plastics, Monroeville, 412-325-2260

Also, two others nearby-
East Coast Recycling Assoc., Millville, N.J., 609-327-8888
Polymer Resource Group, Baltimore, Md., 410-686-9232

Hope this is helpful,
Georgia Kagle,PADEP
Chief, Recycling Markets

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Subject: Plastics Recycling Assistance-Two Problems

Fellow P2Techers,

Have two clients I'm working with who have challenged me to assist them
with plastics recycling.

The first is a manufacturer of large fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
panels. They generate waste from the resin layup process and from machining
the parts that come out of the molding process to meet customer specs. Does
anyone know of recycling opportunities for this material?

The second client is an outdoor advertiser who has their clients' messages
printed onto 12' x 22' plastic sheets ("tarps") which are stretched over a
frame and located in high traffic area public places. The tarps are made of
polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with woven nylon threads for strength and
dimensional stability. They are looking fro recycling opportunities for the
used tarps.

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome.



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