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Evaluation tool for EMS

 > Dear P2 Techies
 > I want to bring to your attention EMS-Plus, a free, online tool that
 > Research Triangle Institute developed with EPA's Office of Research and
 > Development. Http://ems.rti.org.
 > EMS-Plus helps you evaluate an EMS based on whether it incorporates
 > components known to promote environmental improvement. Some of those key
 > components are:
 > *	Thoroughly identifying possible environmental aspects and impacts
 > *	Using pollution prevention, source reduction, and in-process
 > recycling to achieve targets
 > *	Making targets aggressive as possible in terms of quantities of
 > waste reduced, and in terms of achieving the targets quickly.
 > How EMS-Plus Works
 > EMS-Plus leads you through a series of questions about the EMS, and then
 > provides a report based on the key EMS components like whether the EMS is
 > oriented towards regulatory compliance and control technologies, and
 > whether it is more comprehensive and Pollution Prevention -oriented.
 > Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.
 > Regards,
 > Melissa Malkin Weber
 > Research Triangle Institute
 > Pollution Prevention Program
 > POB 12194, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA
 > ph: (919) 541 6154 fx: (919) 541 7155
 > http://www.rti.org/units/ese/pp.cfm
 > mjmalkin@rti.org