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Re: small business and paint stripping

Dear Mr. Girum Tsega,

I appreciate your concern and can relate to your worries as I happen to be from
another third world country i.e India. The crux of the problem of "local-global"
contradictions mostly rest upon the success achieved in evolving a pattern for
sustainable development. If our daily concerns revolve around keeping the daily
fires burning, fighting poverty, feeding the hungry and supporting frail
economies, how do you think we are going to see the global image of a
sustainable planet?

Insurance is relevant only when there are market forces requiring certain
quantifiable risks to be covered. If the market forces themselves are
non-existent or defective, there is going to be no risk coverage. As proof, we
need go no further than assess the monetary value of the life of a human being
in different continents of the world. Are they by any means same in dollar

Like you, I could name several chemicals banned in the EU or in the US still in
use in third-world countries. Chemicals that could be endocrine disrupters,
carcinogens or those with significant GWP or ODP.  Unless our development
patterns become sustainable, we cannot climb to the level of appreciating
concerns on a planet level. I see positive changes happening everywhere and am
sure that sooner or later, we shall hit the solution.


Surojit Bose

Janet Clark <clarkjan@turi.org> on 10/10/2000 11:27:02 PM

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Subject:  small business and paint stripping

Hi P2tech,

Can anyone help this engineer from Ethopia?

Janet Clark


 Most of small industries (including small airlines) do not pay attention
to this global issue, rather they are concerned with matters which have
immediate responses like fire hazard, Toxicity to the employees etc

is because of the existing global competition for market. As you know most
small industries are founded to make profit by minimizing their operating
cost and lowering their break-even point. Hence, no attention to vital
matters which have long-term consequences.

 There is insurance cost and cover if a man is intoxicated or if a chemical
burns in or around the store. But insurance for global warming or Ozone
depletion is not yet founded.  Or an industry in North America will not pay
a penny for those people who died of skin cancer or extreme
flooding/drought in Africa

 To alleviate such problem I think the best approach is through legal
agencies like Civil Aviations , Chemical societies etc .. to enforce

 The chemicals that we use for stripping are approved by Ethiopian Civil
Aviation and FAA regulation

.     That is Ok  Ha.. Ha..

ETHER TT-E-776   etc


 Hopefully, you will understand my letter even if it is grammatically

 Thank you

Keep in touch

Girum Tsega

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